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You have been charged with planning a party. Whether your party is for a Wedding, birthday, sweet 16 or quinceañera, anniversary, graduation or retirement, baby or bridal shower, family or school reunion, or even a formal, the things you will need to consider are the same.

How many people are coming? Once the date is settled, you will need to consider how many people to invite. It's important to remember that not everyone you invite will be able to make it.  Generally, you can count on 70-80% of the people you invite to show up.

Headcount is important because it will affect all of your other decisions, such as the size of the venue, the amount of food needed, and a host of other


Where will I have it?

Once you’ve decided how many people there will be at your party, where you will have it is the most important consideration.  What goes into the decision of where your party will take place?  We’ve asked thousands of event planners what makes the biggest difference in selecting a location, and here’s what they told us:

  1. Price

  2. Location

  3. Flexibility

  4. Ambiance

  5. Amenities

By far, price outweighs all other considerations for most folks planning a party.  If the party is small enough, many party planners wind up having their event at home, to save money.  Note that having your party at home might save money, but will most certainly increase headache.

After price, location is important.  If at all possible, select a location that is easily accessible to the people coming.  If it is out of their way, you will find that the number of “no-shows” will be more than if you selected an easy location for people to get to.

Have special requests for your party?  Planners found that flexibility was important in the venue they selected.  Things like handicap access, ability to bring food, space for dancing are some of the items that need consideration when selecting a venue.

Interestingly enough, ambiance and amenities were the least important considerations.  Compared to price, location, and flexibility, they don’t matter as much.  That said, it is important to select a venue that isn’t going to kill the vibe you are looking to have at your party.

What Will We Do?

There is no doubt that a good DJ can make your party a fantastic success.  But what are some other things that you can do at your party?  Here are some ideas:

Get a Photo Booth


Photo booths have become one of the most popular party items of the last few years.

A good photo booth can be rented for $500, and most vendors will pick them up and drop them off at your party for you!

Recently, some venues have begun putting photo booths at their venue, and including them in their party package!

Do I Need Help?

Answer these questions:

Are you a busy person with little to no extra time?

Do you have a flexible budget for your party?

Do you want your party to be completely organized and professional?

Do you have very little time left to plan your party?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “Yes,” then you should consider hiring an event coordinator for your party.  Often, hiring an event planner can even save you money, as they know where costs can be trimmed and how to do things efficiently.


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